Nextgov: New cloud security task force presses for stakeholder accountability

As Nextgov reports, “Several cloud security lapses have further sounded the alarm over the past year.” To that end, MITRE connected with the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center, the Information Technology Acquisition Advisory Council and the Cloud Security Alliance to launch the Cloud Safe Task Force and guide industry and government in stopping hackers from compromising cloud environments. The task force recently issued its recommendations.

“It’s about making cloud information more available so that others can find it, and [help them] recognize they may have that same vulnerability,” said Mari Spina, a senior principal cloud security engineer in MITRE’s Cyber Solutions Innovations Center.

The diverse mix of cloud service models are run mainly by the private sector and make regulating the space difficult.

“Do we have the exact solution on how far you go with regulatory actions? No, but it’s something we're gonna flush out in greater detail,” said Dave Powner, executive director, MITRE Center for Data-Driven Policy, adding that many of these matters would be discussed throughout 2024.

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