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Assuring AI Security and Safety through AI Regulation

2024 Presidential Transition

This document provides guidance for the incoming administration on establishing a comprehensive and effective regulatory framework for AI security and safety by balancing technological progression, ethical considerations, and public trust in AI.

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What’s the issue? The rapid advancement and diverse applications of AI present unique regulatory challenges. There is a need to bridge the gap between policymakers and agency implementation, develop sector-specific AI assurance requirements, and increase transparency in AI applications.

What did we do? A cross-MITRE team analyzed these issues and leveraged insights from various federal government sectors to develop this guide for the incoming administration.

What did we find? By enhancing communication between policymakers and those implementing AI strategies, understanding adversary use of AI advancements, and refining regulatory and legal frameworks for AI systems, the incoming administration can ensure the proper application and use of AI. This approach will not only reinforce the United States' international leadership in AI but also unlock its transformative potential to address a wide range of critical challenges.

MITRE’s 2024 presidential transition project leverages our cross-agency insights to develop nonpartisan and evidence-informed policy recommendations to help the next administration succeed.