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Intelligence After Next: Building a Counterintelligence Analytic Cadre

The Intelligence Community (IC) should consider developing a central cadre of counterintelligence analysts with the authorities and capabilities to more fully integrate counterintelligence data to protect the U.S. from foreign threats.

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The introduction of advanced cyber techniques, persistent, ubiquitous surveillance and advanced self- learning penetration technologies leveraging artificial intelligence has significantly altered and accelerated the counterintelligence (CI)  threat landscape. To address this new threat landscape, a counterintelligence analysis cadre should be established to integrate the full range of counterintelligence disciplines to effectively monitor, assess, and share foreign CI threat information. This includes traditional counterintelligence disciplines such as cyber, technical and security analysis, as well as a deeper focus on economic espionage and foreign influence. The counterintelligence community must adapt now to effectively respond to these complex threats.

The congressionally-mandated formation of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) after the 9/11 attacks serves as a useful model for the counterintelligence community. Creating a cross-agency counterintelligence counterpart to the NCTC—with the authorities and capabilities to integrate and analyze all foreign counterintelligence threat information—will significantly improve the Intelligence Community’s (IC’s) ability to meet the counterintelligence challenges now and into the future.