Intelligence After Next: Radical Transparency—Expanding Partnerships with Commercial Intelligence Sharing

By Christian Neubauer


Goal 4: Diversify, Expand, and Strengthen Partnerships

Sharing commercial intelligence with U.S. and foreign partners should be a key part of our intelligence strategy. Enabling partners to see what we see through commercial intelligence will promote a level playing field for democratized intelligence.

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The Intelligence Community (IC) has made considerable progress in sharing intelligence with partners in unclassified venues. These efforts focus on expanding access beyond Five Eyes partners and beyond even government entities to non-governmental organizations, citizen groups, commercial organizations, and others that can create positive impact aligned to U.S. and partner interests. The information platforms take heavy advantage of commercial intelligence, the capabilities of which are beginning to rival even the best funded governmental intelligence organizations.

Today, they can help the U.S. expand the capabilities of our partners and allies without compromising sources and methods. By sharing commercial intelligence capabilities with our allies, we promote a level playing field for democratized intelligence. This will build trust and strengthen partnerships while also serving as a force multiplier for our own IC: expanding our sensor networks, inoculating our partners against foreign malign activity, and growing a cadre of intelligence professionals in partner nations trained on the value of ethics, analytic standards, apolitical reporting, and transparency itself.

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