doctor and patient on a video call

Response of The MITRE Corporation to OSTP’s RFI on Strengthening Community Health Through Technology

Digital health technologies can be the cornerstone for timely, effective preventive health services, as well as virtual and in-person clinical and behavioral health services, to address social determinants of health and public health.

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MITRE provides the nation with world-class expertise for health and human services, including clinical quality, information technology, standards and interoperability, digital health, informatics, public health, biomedical innovation, health systems, and communication and strategy.

In this response to a White House Request for Information, we leveraged our experiences as operators of the CMS Alliance to Modernize Healthcare FFRDC, co-chair of the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition, and other health-focused activities (all in the nation’s interest) to provide insights on how digital health technologies are used, or could be used in the future, to transform community health, individual wellness, and health equity.