MITRE Response to the NITRD RFI on Federal Priorities for Information Integrity Research and Development

In this request for information (RFI) response, MITRE provides the White House information to assist in determining research priorities for overcoming the nation’s information integrity problem.

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Individuals, organizations, and governments in open societies depend on access to trustworthy information to make good decisions for themselves, their companies, and their societies. The democratization of media and online content production brought about by the increased ubiquity of the internet has had many positive effects, but also has resulted in new challenges, including propagation of misinformation (false information), disinformation (false information intended to deceive), and malinformation (based on true information, but used out of context to mislead, harm, or manipulate). 

MITRE has provided unbiased, trusted advice to federal sponsors regarding how to understand and leverage information for decades, across applications both foreign and domestic. Over the past few years, we have also developed partnerships with research leaders in industry, academia, and the nonprofit sector to provide capabilities to prevent, detect, and respond to information integrity challenges.  In this RFI response, MITRE provides data-driven answers to a range of White House questions pertaining to federal priorities for research and development efforts to address mis/dis/malinformation, while also highlighting related issues that are detrimental to making progress on information integrity.