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MITRE's Advanced Energy & Climate and Environment Initiatives

MITRE is applying our strengths and expertise in systems engineering, data analytics, and fundamental science and engineering to address critical challenges in advanced energy and climate and environment to solve problems for a safer world.

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Advanced Energy

Energy is critical for U.S. national resilience and security.

A mission-focused, systems thinking approach is essential to improve resilience, efficiency, and performance for the safe and secure deployment of advanced energy technologies for our public and private sector partners worldwide.

Tackling energy resilience through systems approaches enables innovation.

Multidisciplinary collaboration is at the heart of everything we do—our efforts in advanced energy are powered by mission-focused domain experts across 17 MITRE Labs Innovation Centers and 6 federally funded research and development centers.

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    Battery Technology and Capabilities

    Accelerating the adoption of battery technologies across critical needs through mission-focused research and systems engineering.

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    Critical Infrastructure Interdependence Analysis

    Capturing critical mission vulnerabilities to extreme events across interdependent social and physical infrastructure.

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    Green Energy Pathways

    MITRE’s Green Energy PathwaysTM helps to prioritize green energy investments with the most community value to aid in the US energy transition away from fossil fuels

    Climate and Environment

    Climate resilience is crucial for the security and well-being of our society.

    The observed impacts from climate events, like severe heat waves and extreme storms, are increasing. Besides the human toll, these events add billions of dollars in emergency response and long-term recovery costs. 

    These and other impacts indicate a need for climate preparedness to meet national objectives for the resilience of critical infrastructure and systems, and to enhance our social and economic security. 

    Tackling climate resilience through systems approaches enables innovation.

    MITRE works to implement end-to-end analyses for understanding and countering climate change impacts through system-of-systems know-how and collaborative research. We employ sensing and analytics to improve accuracy and trust in measurements and increase confidence in predictions of changing environmental and climate risks.

    Our key focus areas:

    • Sensors, indicators, and warning systems
    • Climate resilience frameworks and solutions
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    Critical Mission Vulnerabilities to Extreme Events

    Capturing critical mission vulnerabilities to extreme events across interdependent social and physical infrastructure.

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    PFAS Sensor Development

    MITRE and University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill are developing real-time, low-cost PFAS sensors, paired with geospatial models and decision-support solutions, that would enable more rapid, lower-cost detection and remediation of chemical contaminants across the defense and public sectors.

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    MITRE’s BlueTech Lab is a testing facility located in Bedford, Massachusetts, that enables the regional BlueTech innovation community to rapidly prototype new technology quickly and safely.