A New Battle Command Architecture for Multi-Domain Operations

Joint, All-Domain Command and Control is needed for success in conflict with peer adversaries. This paper describes challenges that have slowed fielding of new capability in this area and an approach to enable the next generation of command and control.

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Realizing simultaneous cross-domain operations will require a new approach to battle management and the supporting command and control (C2) architecture required to rapidly find, fix, and finish large sets of adversary mobile targets.

Today, such synchronization at speed is difficult if not impossible. Military decision makers are dependent on legacy C2 systems impeded by multiple barriers, including those between domains, classification levels, the Services themselves, and our allies. Employing sensors and effectors in domain- and Service-agnostic ways could dramatically shorten the time it takes to engage multiple relocatable targets. Solving the time problem enables the Joint Force to attack and maneuver faster than Red can operate.

This acceleration is one of the central animating ideas behind joint all domain command and control (JADC2). Achieving JADC2 requires new  organizational structures, new authorities, new concepts of operation, and new technologies and experimentation capabilities.