transportation icons over a city scape

A Research Vision for an American Transportation Future

By Nadya Huleatt , Jillian Humphreys , Becca Lehner

Having safe, reliable, and affordable access to transportation is critical to our lives and livelihood. What if the vision for America’s transportation future put people first?

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The U.S. transportation system of 2050 must address a variety of individual mobility needs as well as cross-domain (surface, aviation, maritime, and space) requirements for sustainability, equity, safety, and resiliency at the national level.

Imagine a future where all Americans enjoy an integrated transportation system that enables economic growth by supporting a reliable supply chain to enable prosperity across our country, provides personal mobility and convenience to underserved communities and busy individuals, bridges communities to bring the nation together, and ensures safety for all, including bystanders, passengers, and pedestrians.

Transportation can be a true enabler for quality of life and prosperity when seamlessly integrated across a nationwide system of diverse transport subsystems that tie America’s diverse urban, suburban, and rural populations and communities together more effectively, accessibly, and affordably and that provides safe, resilient, and “green” mobility more easily and equitably for all.

This paper explores a vision for the future of transportation that puts people at the center of it.