Snapshot Spectral and Polarimetric Imaging; Target Identification with Multispectral Video

By Brent Bartlett , Mikel Rodriguez

As snapshot systems for spectral sensing become prevalent, new applications become feasible in many different fields. This paper explores a newly developed snapshot multispectral sensor, based on a light field concept, to collect video of dynamic scenes.

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As the number of pixels continue to grow in consumer and scientific imaging devices, it has become feasible to collect the incident light field. In this paper, an imaging device developed around light field imaging is used to collect multispectral and polarimetric imagery in a snapshot fashion. The sensor is described and a video data set is shown highlighting the advantage of snapshot spectral imaging. Several novel computer vision approaches are applied to the video cubes to perform scene characterization and target identification. It is shown how the addition of spectral and polarimetric data to the video stream allows for multi-target identification and tracking not possible with traditional RGB video collection.