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Stepping Into The White House: A Guide for Smooth Transitions and Effective Leadership

2024 Presidential Transition

This document provides guidance for incoming Executive Office of the President (EOP) appointees on effective leadership, smooth transitions, and proactive application of change management principles.

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What’s the issue? The Executive Office of the President (EOP) is a complex, high-stakes environment, especially during a presidential transition. Incoming appointees often face a steep learning curve and unique challenges, such as mastering interagency leadership and building robust relationships, while under intense pressure to deliver quick wins.

What did we do? MITRE’s Center for Data-Driven Policy analyzed these issues and leveraged first-hand experiences to develop this high-level guide (with references to more detailed insights) for incoming EOP appointees.

What did we find? By understanding the unique dynamics of the EOP, leading interagency teams effectively, and applying organizational change management principles, incoming EOP appointees can significantly improve their performance, foster a smoother transition, and set the stage for a new administration’s success.

MITRE’s 2024 presidential transition project leverages our cross-agency insights to develop nonpartisan and evidence-informed policy recommendations to help the next administration succeed.