AOPA: MITRE's Digital Copilot Technology Spotlight

September 1, 2018

Digital Copilot’s objective is to provide pilots with information they need, when they need it, in a format that is not distracting—and to infer what the pilot wants to do. The concept includes speech recognition, which allows the pilot to ask for information, like an aeronautical Siri or Alexa.

Digital Copilot resulted from a General Aviation Joint Steering Committee challenge—the public/private partnership uses a data-driven, consensus-based approach to improve GA safety—to address such single-pilot operational challenges as high workload, information overload, and loss of situational awareness. By combining aircraft, weather, traffic, procedure, and terrain data, Digital Copilot infers the pilot’s intent and then seeks to intuitively provide strategic assistance. It currently offers 40 independent features, from checklist reminders, frequency information, and runway remaining to weather changes, final leg overshoot warnings, and approaches not to the destination airport.

(Note: Digital Copilot is also available for licensing through MITRE's Technology Transfer Office.)

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