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One of the many cancellations caused by the coronavirus was the HIMSS20 Global Health Conference, the world's largest gathering of health information technology professionals. Even before then, MITRE withdrew our delegation to protect the health of our employees.

Much of the research we planned to share at HIMSS involved years of work and yielded valuable health-related findings. To make this research available to the wider healthcare community and the public, we captured the presentations, along with short Q&As with some of our experts. We invite you to browse through our collection of presentations below or read more about our work focused on health outcomes.

Dr. Paul Jarris

Amid public health emergencies and pandemics, like COVID-19, it’s important for public health agencies to be able to respond swiftly. Dr. Paul Jarris, chief medical advisor for MITRE’s health transformation center, discusses Sara Alert—an open source tool to monitor individuals at risk for COVID-19. Created in collaboration with national public health organizations, Sara Alert is designed to contain the spread of disease through effective monitoring and rapid response.


Watch Dr. Paul Jarris’ full presentation below or view his Sara Alert presentation slides.



Rachel Mayer

Rachel Mayer, senior health systems analyst, sits down for a Q&A on the MITRE Maternal Mortality Interactive Dashboard or 3MID—a tool that can help determine what interventions may reduce the risk of maternal mortality for a particular demographic and help policymakers with data-driven funding decisions.


Watch Rachel Mayer’s full presentation below or view her 3MID presentation slides.



Sam Sayer

Sam Sayer, program manager, discusses data standards and how HL7 FHIR can increase quality of care, while reducing the burden of quality measurement and reporting on providers.


Watch Sam Sayer’s full presentation below or view his HL7 FHIR presentation slides.



Greg Shemancik

Greg Shemancik, senior health analyst and CodeX FHIR Accelerator deputy lead, discusses how the mCODE and CodeX initiatives seek to capture the high-quality data needed to improve cancer research and care as part of a "Learning Health System."


Watch Greg Shemancik's full presentation below or view his FHIR Accelerators presentation slides.



Sanith Wijesinghe

Sanith Wijesinghe, innovation area lead, discusses the role of data in improving outcomes for Veterans and how MITRE is supporting the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.