MITRE Announces Compass™, a New Open-Source Application to Collect Common Oncology Data

MITRE and Brigham and Women’s Hospital Planning for Compass Launch
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ORLANDO, February 11, 2019MITRE announced Compass™, a first-in-class, open-source application to collect minimal common oncology data elements, or mCODE™, from electronic health records (EHR), today at the HIMSS19 Global Conference & Exhibition. Only three percent of adult cancer patients participate in clinical trials, limiting access to high quality data across multiple types of cancers. mCODE is a new data standard under development that will facilitate breakthrough insights into high-quality data for multiple cancer use cases.

“Advancements in cancer care and research are being driven by high-quality, sharable data,” commented Dr. Brian Anderson, chief clinical lead at MITRE. “Whereas mCODE is a standardized set of cancer data points within health records, Compass is a tool that extracts that data, organizes, and informs doctors, patients, and researchers.”

Compass is a SMART (substitutable medical applications and reusable technologies) on FHIR (fast healthcare interoperability resources) application that extracts mCODE data elements from electronic health records to deliver reports to providers and patients - empowering better diagnosis, improved care planning, and shared decision making at the point of care. 

Most of the nearly 15 million individuals living with cancer in the U.S. have EHRs of some sort. However, many of the 1,500 EHR systems in use are incompatible, limiting the valuable information cancer researchers could pull from these records.

Development of the mCODE data standard is led by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), working with MITRE and other stakeholders, to improve data and records interoperability in oncology care and research. An early version of mCODE core elements, reflecting initial use cases, is open for comment and near ready for publication.

MITRE to collaborate with Brigham and Women’s Hospital on mCODE

MITRE and Brigham and Women’s Hospital also announced their intentions to strategically plan for an mCODE implementation pilot at the Boston hospital. Teams are exploring the potential for a research study to demonstrate the benefit of structured data entry, capture, display for front line clinicians.

“We’re proud to collaborate with Brigham and Women’s to seek potential opportunities to pilot the use of mCODE in a clinical research setting,” said Andre Quina, principal investigator at MITRE. “Providers and patients are already discussing the most important information related to care and we want to ensure, through trial, that we are capturing the right data, at the right times, to drive the best possible cancer research and treatment.”

Compass preview and demonstrations during HIMSS19

On Tuesday, February 12, Dr. Brian Anderson, and Andre Quina will preview Compass when they co-present mCODE: A Cancer Model for a Learning Health System at HIMSS19. Demonstrations of Compass will continue through Thursday, February 14 at the MITRE kiosk, within the Federal Health IT Solutions Pavilion, Booth 8267-08.

Explore mCODE and Compass:

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