MITRE Licenses Social Radar Technology to AtrocityWatch

McLean, Va., May 13, 2015—As part of our commitment to working in the public interest, The MITRE Corporation licensed its social analytics technologies to AtrocityWatch, a not-for-profit that uses big data to predict and prevent global atrocities.

"We are honored to see MITRE's vision and pioneering research in social radar applied to a humanitarian application that has the potential to make the world a better place," said Mark Maybury, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at MITRE.

AtrocityWatch will use this technology to provide peacekeepers and people in danger with a better picture of their surroundings by detecting early warning signs of major events, such as genocide and war crimes, through crowd sourcing and data analytics. AtrocityWatch won a global competition to receive pro bono support through the Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program.

"This licensing agreement fulfills our goal to make MITRE's advanced technologies available to organizations doing important humanitarian work like AtrocityWatch," said Barry Costa, director of MITRE's Technology Transfer Office. "It's an example of how MITRE’s technologies can broadly support the public good."

Geoff Green, AtrocityWatch Founder, said MITRE’s social radar tools complements AtrocityWatch's existing tools by analyzing prevailing topics, events, and local sentiment in social media communications.

"Rather than building our own tools from scratch, there's value in securing a mature, well-tested technology like the one AtrocityWatch licensed from MITRE," Green said.

"MITRE is an organization that prides itself on rigor and maturity, and these core values are central to adding value in the humanitarian community," Green said.

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About AtrocityWatch
AtrocityWatch is a Washington, D.C. 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation creating new methods of responding to emerging atrocities by using mobile communication applications and big data analytics.

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