MITRE Releases "Deliver Uncompromised" Study On Confronting New Asymmetric Threats

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McLean, Va., and Bedford, Mass., August 13, 2018—Just as U.S. supply convoys faced sniper fire as they moved through Iraq and Afghanistan, our entire national security supply chain, from conception to retirement, provides opportunities for adversaries to target critical warfighting capabilities and undermine the confidence of mission owners.

MITRE has released "Deliver Uncompromised," a report that makes recommendations on how the U.S. government and private sector can address growing asymmetric threats like counterfeit parts that pass ordinary inspection but fail operationally and malware that exploits latent vulnerabilities in firmware or software and threaten unintended or unexpected physical results.

"Make no mistake, our adversaries are working right now to steal intellectual property, compromise technical information, and degrade, deny, or potentially destroy, critical infrastructure, assets, and capabilities," said Dr. Jason Providakes, MITRE president and CEO. "In the same way we have taken advantage of technology offsets to stay ahead of our adversaries, we must ensure they don’t flip the script and target our critical areas, which are often part of the supply chain."

The "Deliver Uncompromised" study recommends that the Department of Defense and other agencies immediately elevate the role of security, educate senior leaders, and improve coordination to take on supply chain threats. It also recommends changes to contracting, monitoring, and program protection and calls for a long-term commitment to incentivizing private sector participation.

The report's recommendations will likely require a government-wide approach spanning legislation and regulation, policy and administration, acquisition and oversight, and programs and technology, said Chris Nissen, director of asymmetric capability programs in MITRE's National Security Sector. That effort is likely similar in scope to the decades needed to build a comprehensive nuclear and conventional deterrence, said Nissen, the lead author of the report.

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