Argus: Improving Airport Surface Safety at Your Fingertips


Argus is a safety software application developed by MITRE to enhance safety on airport surfaces and reduce incidents such as runway incursions. When used by tower controllers, the application allows controllers to see aircraft positions and movements on a tablet computer display.

Argus was designed for automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) but is operable with any surveillance source and runs on a tablet mobile device. Its advanced features were designed to improve safety at small airports. These include several intuitive ways for the tower controller to digitally capture aircraft taxi instructions and sophisticated tracking algorithms that provide alerts if the pilot deviates from the assigned route or enters a runway without a clearance. Argus also includes algorithms that monitor for conflicting clearances and provide alerts to the controller when a conflict occurs.

Argus and Digital Copilot

Argus was designed to work with Digital Copilot, another MITRE technology, for convenient use on mobile devices. When Argus and Digital Copilot are used in tandem, the tower controller can digitally send the captured clearance directly to Digital Copilot, enabling navigation guidance for the pilot and alerts for both the tower and the cockpit if deviations occur.

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