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Intellectual Property

We are a company built on—and driven by—new and bold ideas, systems-thinking approaches, and abundant intellectual property creation.

Working with our government sponsors and our partners, MITRE conducts research and shares the resulting future capabilities with commercial industry for the public good.

Our intellectual property helps solve some of the nation’s, and the world’s, biggest and boundaryless challenges. Think: cybersecurity, national security, aviation safety, and health.

By transferring solutions inspired by our U.S. government sponsors’ most pressing future needs, we provide technical capabilities that can be leveraged by industry to start a new company, enhance an existing product line, or increase economic benefit to the nation.

Licensing our innovations is straightforward and easy to do; we want industry to leverage the IP we’ve created. Contact us.

Research and innovation, whether in direct support of our sponsors' near-term requirements or in our independent R&D program are strong parts of our culture. Our teams continually create, develop, innovate, and seek to have impact with our IP. Whether equipping our U.S. government sponsors or licensing to industry to advance deployment to our government sponsors or for broader commercialization, our goal is to get our IP into use and have impact.

Some examples? A framework to quickly decipher cyber-attacker patterns, aircraft collision-avoidance algorithms, a way to turn mobile phones and tablets into routers when existing networks are unavailable during emergencies.

Simply put, MITRE licenses our technical solutions—through direct licenses or our many open-source innovations. 

Why license our technologies, prototypes, and other intellectual property? We work on the nation’s biggest challenges, often well before a commercial market for the solutions exists. Our innovations are a cornerstone for big, medium, and small companies—from tech leaders like Microsoft and Google to start-ups like Simudyne—to develop and deploy our IP to meet a market need. 

To accelerate our discoveries, we partner with business, academia, and other non-profits and R&D organizations. Together, we pioneer new capabilities and approaches or adapt commercial ones to government needs.

MITRE’s R&D efforts and IP include innovative breakthroughs and more than 260 patents since 1958, such as versatile image sensors, display for air traffic control, and digital communications systems. Over the last 15 years alone, we have received 188 patents and granted nearly 1,800 licenses.

Our commitment to technology transfer paves the way for new companies to form and offers current industry new capabilities. That means added jobs, increased economic stability, and stronger national security.

Contact us to learn more about our technology transfer program. 

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