Performance-based link management communications


Disclosed herein are system, method, and computer program product embodiments for utilizing parallel links to improve sub-network availability and latency performance for ATC traffic. An embodiment operates by receiving a generated message. The type of the generated message is determined, where the type is an air traffic control message or a non-air traffic control message. Based on the type of message, communication links are selected, where the communication links include parallel transmission links or a serial link. The method continues by copying the generated message and transmitting the copied message using the selected communication links. The method waits to receive an acknowledgement indicating receipt of the transmitted message. Upon identifying an acknowledgement, any of the copied messages not yet retransmitted are deleted. Learn about MITRE's patents and technology transfer process.

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Patent Number: 10,243,646

Date Issued: March 26 2019

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Patent Number: 10,972,175

Date Issued: April 6, 2021