We encourage our staff to share their knowledge with the public through a number of avenues, including publishing papers and speaking at conferences and symposia. You can find technical reports, white papers, and other related publications on a wide variety of topics on this site. 

Systems Engineering Guide

Systems Engineering Guide

MITRE’s Systems Engineering Guide (SEG)

MITRE's Systems Engineering Guide outlines the essentials of the discipline and offers insights into translating this knowledge into practice.

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Featured Reports

Assessment of NOAA Scientific Integrity Policies and Procedures

Assessment of NOAA Scientific Integrity Policies and Procedures

At the Dept. of Commerce's request, MITRE and a team of leading scientists provided an objective analysis of information relevant to a manuscript in Science Magazine.

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Featured Publications

Sociocultural Behavior Sensemaking book image

Sociocultural Behavior Sensemaking

This book provides insights into ways of creating understanding under high complexity or uncertainty--a requirement in today's operational environment.

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11 Strategies of a World-Class Cybersecurity Operations Center

The fully revised 2022 edition of this book guides security operations center operators in enhancing digital defenses, bringing a fresh approach to protecting the cyber ecosystem.

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