CAASD Supports Rapid Aviation Growth in the Asia Pacific Region

August 2013
MITRE supports countries in the Asia Pacific region in maximizing the safety, security, efficiency, and capacity of their rapidly growing aviation systems.
Airliners and maintenance personnel on runway in India

CAASD's work for the Federal Aviation Administration to modernize the U.S. National Airspace System uniquely positions MITRE to support these countries' aviation system goals.

CAASD has longstanding partnerships with China, India, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea. Projects in these countries draw upon a wide range of our areas of expertise, including air traffic management, airspace planning and analysis, Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) procedures, and safety analysis. MITRE recently formalized long-term working relationships with both Singapore and India, setting the agenda for future work in these nations.

India, with more than 125 operational airports, is currently the ninth-largest aviation market in the world and is expanding at a rapid pace. The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has therefore embarked upon an ambitious plan to upgrade and manage the country's aviation infrastructure in a way that will meet these growing demands. MITRE assists AAI by providing the technical support to enable AAI to establish its own in-house research and development capability to improve the country's aviation infrastructure. One of the primary objectives of this work is to help AAI become the center of excellence for PBN in the region.

The AAI envisions that the center will perform functions similar to those of MITRE's Integration Demonstration and Experimentation for Aeronautics (IDEA) Laboratory and the FAA's Technical Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The IDEA lab performs fast-time and real-time aviation modeling and simulation activities. The FAA Technical Center is a centralized maintenance, testing, and evaluation facility. It supports daily air traffic management operations and maintenance, engages in research and development efforts, and tests new capabilities before they go to the field.

CAASD will also define the functional capabilities of the laboratory portion of India's Technical Center. This functionality will be built out incrementally, starting with the transfer of elements of MITRE's human-in-the-loop computer simulation capabilities. By giving controllers and pilots the opportunity to test procedures in a realistic environment, these simulations help identify air traffic control operational issues early in the design process.

Elsewhere in the region, CAASD supports the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore in developing and implementing its own center of excellence—this one focused on air traffic management. Once established, the center will seek solutions for the complex aviation infrastructure and air traffic management challenges facing the Asia Pacific region. Singapore has also expressed interest in working with CAASD to develop a research and development center similar to MITRE's own IDEA Lab.

Other work CAASD performs in the Asia Pacific region includes an airspace redesign project in Taiwan. This project follows on the heels of recently completed work to help Taiwan implement a new air traffic management system in Taipei.


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