A Look at Commercial Geospatial Intelligence

October 2020
Topics: Market Research, Technology Investment Planning, Remote Sensing
Renee M. Dauerer, The MITRE Corporation
Jenny L N Irvine, The MITRE Corporation
Mark Phillips, The MITRE Corporation
Phil Tsang, The MITRE Corporation
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MITRE’s Intelligence Advisory Board recommended that MITRE assess the commercial Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) landscape and provide recommendations for U.S. government investment and partnerships within the commercial GEOINT market. Through a quantitative and qualitative assessment, the authors identified numerous obstacles and challenges for the GEOINT industry and outlined four recommendations to improve U.S. partnerships. Although primarily focused on the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Intelligence Community (IC), the recommendations apply across any U.S. government department which uses GEOINT extensively.

Given the current great power competition and global economy, action is imperative now to prevent the U.S. from falling further behind and to improve and ultimately maintain the U.S. position as the world leader in GEOINT products and services. Doing so will enable the U.S. government to apply commercial GEOINT to its various missions, increase resiliency and diversity of GEOINT sources, and gain an information advantage against foreign adversaries.



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