A Proposed Logic Model for Managing Open Innovation Competitions

January 2018
Topics: Government Agency Operations, Computing Methodologies, Collaborations, Modeling and Simulation
Dr. Marcie E. Zaharee, The MITRE Corporation
Dr. Timothy Champney, The MITRE Corporation
Teresa Nanez, The MITRE Corporation
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Open Innovation (OI) competitions are becoming a popular mechanism for encouraging innovation. An increasing number of organizations have adopted OI competitions as part of their corporate strategy to realize innovative product or service solutions. When an organization identifies a problem to solve, or a specific goal it wants to achieve with the assistance of members of the public, it can hold a prize competition or challenge. OI competitions are a way to engage with external sources of knowledge such as individual entrepreneurs, students, experts, small firms, etc., who are asked to submit interesting solutions for a competition that satisfy certain criteria within a defined timeframe.

For many organizations, designing and managing a competition can be a difficult and tedious task. A logic model framework was created as a key deliverable of the research to depict the OI competition management processes. The framework can serve as a guide for planning, implementation, and evaluation of a competition.



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