An Innovative Method to Determine Multi-System Performance for the Detection of Clandestine Tunnels

December 2012
Topics: Border Security, Law Enforcement, WMD Defense
Dr. Carol T. Christou, The MITRE Corporation
J. Casey Crager, The MITRE Corporation
Landis Huffman, The MITRE Corporation
Walter S. Kuklinski, The MITRE Corporation
Eliot Lebsack, The MITRE Corporation
David Masters, The Department of Homeland Security, S&T
Weiqun Shi, The MITRE Corporation
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The threat posed by underground clandestine tunnels has been a growing concern for law enforcement and national security. Cross-border tunnels have been used by smugglers with the intention of avoiding border security for trafficking people, drugs, firearms, and other illegal materials. The ability to detect these tunnels is vital to achieving effective border control. This paper describes the development of an innovative method to model and assess the performance of various sensor systems in the geological region of their intended use, and to determine the best sensing modalities and equipment to operate in that region.


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