Biometric Face Recognition: References for Policymakers

December 2020
Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Policy, Collaborations
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Face recognition (also referred to as facial recognition) is one of the most powerful and complex technologies in modern times.

This technology and its related concerns (such as privacy, error rates, and demographic differentials) have recently generated significant attention throughout the policy community. By its very nature, face recognition will never exist without legitimate associated concerns, so its use must include appropriate safeguards and strong privacy protections from the beginning.

This is a community-developed reference document intended to provide value to policymakers so they can gain an accurate, clear understanding of face recognition and its associated issues.

The report (developed by the FedID community, with publication coordinated by MITRE's Duane Blackburn) neither advocates for or against the technology, for or against any application or use case, or for or against any legislative or policy outcomes. Furthermore, the document does not purport to represent the official policy or position of the federal government or any of its individual departments or agencies, nor of any other government or private-sector entity.



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