Blockchain Technology for Government

April 2018
Topics: Blockchain, Management (General), Software (General), Systems Engineering, Software Engineering
Dave Bryson, The MITRE Corporation
David R. Penny, The MITRE Corporation
David C. Goldenberg, The MITRE Corporation
Gloria J. Serrao, The MITRE Corporation
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This document presents an introduction to blockchain technology with a specific focus on the core technologies, platforms, and applications that may be beneficial to MITRE's government sponsors. The document is intended to introduce MITRE and its sponsor to blockchain technology, and establish a base of knowledge upon which to further explore MITRE sponsor blockchain use cases and research. An introduction to blockchain and its critical components including cryptography, consensus, and distributed ledgers is provided. Public and permissioned blockchains are compared, and a framework is provided that outlines when it is beneficial to use blockchain solutions. Use cases applicable to MITRE sponsors such as healthcare, identity, supply chain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are considered. A survey of leading permissioned blockchains such as Ethereum and Tendermint is presented, and important emerging features such as private transactions and state channels that strengthen enterprise blockchains are discussed.


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