Challenge-Based Acquisition, 2nd Edition

February 2016
Topics: Acquisition Management, Contracts and Contracting, Government Acquisition, Agile Practices
Dr. Richard Weatherly, The MITRE Corporation
Ryan M. Novak, The MITRE Corporation
Dr. Mike Arendt, The MITRE Corporation
Scott Robbins, The MITRE Corporation
Martin Edwards, The MITRE Corporation
David W. Seidel, The MITRE Corporation
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Challenge-based acquisition is based on the proposition that acquisitions are best performed if the thing to be acquired is presented as a need (the challenge) and potential providers are free to propose innovative solutions that fill the need. Challenges are issued in terms of operational needs and are accompanied by mechanisms for evaluating proposed solutions and contractual terms for provider participation. Typically, solutions take the form of simplified implementations and evaluations assess how well a solution satisfies the need. Following the guidelines provided in this document, a well-crafted challenge, accompanied by clear and effective assessment methodologies and appropriate contracting vehicles, leads to sound and effective acquisitions.​ This is the 2nd edition of the guidance.


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