Cyber Threat Modeling: Survey, Assessment, and Representative Framework

November 2018
Topics: Next Generation Cyber Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Network Security
Deborah J. Bodeau, The MITRE Corporation
Catherine D. McCollum, The MITRE Corporation
David B. Fox, The MITRE Corporation
Download PDF (3.69 MB)

This report provides a survey of cyber threat modeling frameworks, presents a comparative assessment of the surveyed frameworks, and extends an existing framework to serve as a basis for cyber threat modeling for a variety of purposes. This paper also presents a threat modeling framework for the NGCI Apex program, with initial population of that framework. The survey, assessment, and framework as initially populated are general enough to be used by medium-to-large organizations in critical infrastructure sectors, particularly in the FSS, seeking to ensure that cybersecurity and resilience efforts consider cyber threats in a rigorous, repeatable way.

Note: This report is part of a larger suite of publications supporting the Next Generation Cyber Infrastructure Apex program. 



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