Cyber Wargaming: Framework for Enhancing Cyber Wargaming with Realistic Business Context

November 2018
Topics: Next Generation Cyber Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Network Security
David B. Fox, The MITRE Corporation
Catherine D. McCollum, The MITRE Corporation
Eric I. Arnoth, The MITRE Corporation
Darrell J. Mak, The MITRE Corporation
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This report describes a framework for cyber wargaming that balances the strong cyber defense technology focus of detailed hands-on cyber red-teaming exercises with the strong business and operational impact focus typical of high-level tabletop exercises focused on cyber. While the framework was developed with a focus on securing systems in the FSS and is described in terms of that domain, it is expected to be applicable more broadly, to other critical infrastructure protection sectors, as well as other types of enterprises entirely. The initial framework presented is general and intended to be tailored to ensure that wargaming exercises accurately reflect the effectiveness of an institution’s risk management and technology environment in reducing the impact and risk from cyber adversaries.

Note: This report is part of a larger suite of publications supporting the Next Generation Cyber Infrastructure Apex program. 


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