Defense Agile Acquisition Guide: Tailoring DoD IT Acquisition Program Structures and Processes to Rapidly Deliver Capabilities

March 2014
Topics: Acquisition Management, Program Development/Management, Project Management, Agile Practices
Peter J. Modigliani, The MITRE Corporation
Su Chang, The MITRE Corporation
Download PDF (3.46 MB)

The Department of Defense (DoD) needs an acquisition framework for information technology (IT) that can keep pace with rapidly changing technologies and operations, including the challenges associated with information assurance. Agile development practices can help the DoD to transform IT acquisition by delivering capabilities faster and responding more effectively to changes in operations, technology, and budgets. This guide provides DoD acquisition professionals with details on how to adopt Agile practices within each element of their programs, thus helping them to succeed in an increasingly complex environment.

For our latest agile acquisition guidance, visit MITRE’s Agile Tailored Acquisition Model on AiDA


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