Enterprise Threat Model Technical Report-Cyber Threat Model for a Notional Financial Services Sector Institution

November 2018
Topics: Next Generation Cyber Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Network Security
David B. Fox, The MITRE Corporation
Eric I. Arnoth, The MITRE Corporation
Dr. Clement W. Skorupka, The MITRE Corporation
Catherine D. McCollum, The MITRE Corporation
Download PDF (1.71 MB)

This technical report applies the expanded threat model described in a related publication to the institution/enterprise level reflecting attacker methods at a level relevant to implementation. It describes a representative notional financial services sector institution, identifies where in its enterprise architecture the threat events from the high-level threat model are applicable, and uses a specific scenario to illustrate the use of detailed threat event information.

Note: This report is part of a larger suite of publications supporting the Next Generation Cyber Infrastructure Apex program. 


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