Financial System Mapping

November 2018
Topics: Next Generation Cyber Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Network Security
Brian F. Tivnan, The MITRE Corporation
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This report assesses existing maps of the financial system for the purpose of representing the essential components of the financial system and the intrinsic interdependence between these components. An effective mapping of the financial system illuminates pathways for systemic risk to cascade across the system. This report highlights a map from the U. S. Treasury via an illustrative example from the Financial Crisis of 2007-2008. The report concludes with recommendations for how the NGCI Apex program can use maps of the financial system sector (FSS) critical infrastructure to demonstrate the interdependence of the financial system and identify representation from a broad cross section of the FSS to advise the program.

Note: This report is part of a larger suite of publications supporting the Next Generation Cyber Infrastructure Apex program. 


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