Framework for Developing and Implementing Data Driven, Actionable, Equitable Policy

September 2020
Topics: Policy, Data (General), Government Agency Operations, Modeling and Simulation
David A. Powner, The MITRE Corporation
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Effective policymaking will determine our nation’s ability to deliver services for generations to come. While the act of making policy is complex and challenging, it can be done in a manner that strengthens the capacity of our federal government to effectively respond to citizens’ needs and our nation’s most critical challenges.

Policymakers and Congress have signaled a desire to bring more data and evidence to policymaking through the passage of the Evidence-Based Policy Act and the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) subsequent agency guidance.

While this act focuses on creating, collecting and reporting data to inform policy with evidence from agencies, we believe the process of producing policy can be more data-centric, creating approaches where data and evidence is actively sought from a variety of diverse sources with different points of view.

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