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Center for Data-Driven Policy

Tangible, measurable, and innovative ideas to inform public policy

MITRE’s Center for Data-Driven Policy brings objective, evidence-based, nonpartisan insights to government policymaking. As a not-for-profit organization, we work in the public interest across the federal government, and in partnership with industry and academia. We bring innovative ideas into existence in areas as varied as artificial intelligence, intuitive data science, quantum information science, health informatics, space security, economic and public policy, trustworthy autonomy, cyber threat sharing, and cyber resilience.

The Center for Data-Driven Policy leverages MITRE’s experts to examine policy issues on a wide range of topics, generally falling in four cross-cutting domains: national security, science and technology, cyber, and domestic policy. We apply our unique vantage point working across government and with our federal R&D centers to create objective analysis on current government affairs. We share this information with federal policymakers on Capitol Hill and in the executive branch. 

The Center for Data-Driven Policy is a resource for government, universities, think tanks, and other organizations to draw on for evidence- and experiential-based insights on policy priorities

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Policy Topics

Explore our data-driven insights through our policy papers, fact sheets, op-eds, and responses to White House requests for information (RFIs).

MITRE Response to the OSTP RFI on R&D Opportunities in Video and Image Analytics

MITRE Response to the OSTP RFI on PFAS Research and Development

MITRE Response to the OSTP RFI on Cislunar Science and Technology

Addressing Global Environmental Security Challenges Through Circular Economy Initiatives

MITRE Response to the OSTP RFI on Advancing Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

MITRE Response to the NSTC RFC on In-space Servicing, Assembling, and Manufacturing

MITRE's Response to the OSTP RFI on Implementing Initial Findings and Recommendations of the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource Task Force

Maintaining U.S. Leadership in Advanced Biotechnology & Growing the Bioeconomy

"Policy Wrappers" for S&T Findings

Response of The MITRE Corporation to the OSTP RFI to Support the Development of a Federal Scientific Integrity Policy Framework

MITRE Response to OSTP’s RFI Supporting the National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan

Federal Identity Learning Agenda: Outcomes from the 2021 FedID Conference

Response of The MITRE Corporation to the NSTC Request for Comment on the Orbital Debris Research and Development Implementation Plan

MITRE Response to the Office of Science and Technology Policy’s Request for Information on Public and Private Sector Uses of Biometric Technologies

Experience-Based Recommendations for Face Recognition 

Understanding Face Recognition and Charting a Path Forward 

5G and the Front Lines of the U.S.-China Great Power Competition

Response of The MITRE Corporation to the OSTP RFI to Improve Federal Scientific Integrity Policies

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