Making Agile Work in Government

May 2015
Topics: Software Design, Agile Practices, Government Acquisition, Government Agency Operations, Software Testing, Software (General)
Dr. Troy J. Mueller, The MITRE Corporation
Dr. David L. Harvey, The MITRE Corporation
Awais Sheikh, The MITRE Corporation
Scott Johnson, The MITRE Corporation
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The Standish Group has collected case information on over 90,000 IT software development projects since 1985. The most recent findings in analyzing this data shows that a large project is 10 times more likely to fail than a small project. Agile methods can provide a powerful engine inside of an acquisition program that aligns well with the successful small project model thus drastically improving the program’s chances for success. To better understand the advantages offered by Agile methods, and some of the challenges when implementing Agile in government, MITRE offers a different perspective on the acquisition lifecycle used within the government.​


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