March 2017 Federal Mobile Computing Summit Report

August 2017
Topics: Computer-Communication-Networks, Computing Methodologies, Software Engineering
Patrick Benito, The MITRE Corporation
Marie S. Collins, The MITRE Corporation
CJ Rieser, The MITRE Corporation
Darshan Kadam, The MITRE Corporation
Michael Schoenfeld, The MITRE Corporation
Jeff Stein, The MITRE Corporation
Greg Kern, The MITRE Corporation
Carlton Northern, The Advanced Technology Academic Research Center
Michael Peck, The Advanced Technology Academic Research Center
Dr. Justin F. Brunelle, The MITRE Corporation
Tom Suder, The MITRE Corporation
Tim Harvey, The MITRE Corporation
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The Federal Mobile Computing Summit includes a set of MITRE-Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC) led Collaboration Sessions that afforded industry, Government, academic, and federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) representatives an opportunity to collaborate, and discuss prominent challenge areas in mobility. In some cases, potential solutions for key challenge areas were identified by session participants. The discussions were government focused with the objective of refining gaps, and identifying features of potential solutions or frameworks.

Participants representing government, industry, and academia addressed five challenge areas in federal mobile computing:

1. Mobile Application Security
2. Mobile Technologies - Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment
3. Mobile Technology Roadmap: What’s Next?
4. Tactical Mobility
5. HealthTrac: How Mobile Technology is Transforming Healthcare

This white paper summarizes the discussions in the Collaboration Sessions.


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