Modeling and Analysis of Gated, Pulsed RFI and Its Effect on GPS Receivers

September 2014
Topics: Geographic Information Systems, Radio Communications, Modeling and Simulation, Signal Processing
Keith R. Santarelli, The MITRE Corporation
David S. Choi, The MITRE Corporation
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We develop two new models for gated, pulsed radio frequency interference (RFI), one for cycle slip performance, and one for bit error performance. We compare the results of these two models to an existing, approximate model that is currently present in ITU-R Report M.2220, herein referred to as the dynamic duty cycle factor (DDCF) model. After deriving our new models, we show through case studies that the new time-varying models often predict much worse performance than the corresponding DDCF counterparts. We therefore conclude that further investigation (either by simulation or laboratory measurement) is warranted to verify the new models presented herein.​


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