Privacy Engineering Framework

August 2014
Topics: Information Privacy, Information Security Risk Management, Systems Engineering-General
Stuart S. Shapiro, The MITRE Corporation
Nickyra M. Washington, The MITRE Corporation
Kristen I. Miller, The MITRE Corporation
Julie N. Snyder, The MITRE Corporation
Julie S. McEwen, The MITRE Corporation
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​To adequately address privacy risks, systems that manage personally identifiable information (PII) must behave in a privacy-sensitive manner. Systems engineering processes are a largely untapped opportunity to embed privacy requirements into organizational activities in a way that provides major impact and will proactively address privacy risks. Privacy by Design (PbD) advances the view that privacy cannot be assured solely by compliance with regulatory frameworks; rather, privacy assurance must become an organization's default mode of operation. PbD applies to IT, accountable business practices, and physical design. This presentation discusses an engineering framework for building PbD into government systems.​


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