Proactively Tailored Acquisition Pathways: The “Google Maps” of Accelerated Acquisition

December 2016
Topics: Federal Transition, Government Transition, Presidential Transition, Government Acquisition
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Inefficient acquisition practices contribute to billions of dollars in cost overruns, years of schedule delays, and degraded system performance, and pose a risk to the delivery of critical mission capabilities. Given the increasing complexity and challenges of the nation’s acquisition system, new “tailored” acquisition pathways can produce more timely and effective purchases. Tailored acquisition pathways can be likened to Google Maps, providing an optimal route for common categories or types of acquisitions. With them, the Trump administration has an opportunity to save billions of dollars and achieve timely acquisitions—including those vital to national security.

Note: Transition of power after a Presidential election is complicated; preparing the federal government for a seamless shift to a new administration is crucial to continuing important work on behalf of the American people. MITRE will inform this transition by sharing our insights and experiences with those involved in transition planning and with leaders in the next administration. Our recommendations derive from the ongoing, practical guidance we provide our federal agency sponsors as they face critical national challenges.

This paper is part of a collection provided to our government sponsors; it supports MITRE’s focus on assisting new administration and career civil service leaders through the transition and beyond to achieve results that matter. To view all the papers in the collection, use the "Federal Transition" link in Topics, above.


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