Recommended Security Controls for Voter Registration Systems

December 2019
Topics: Election Integrity, Cybersecurity, Computer-Communication-Networks, Computer Security, Information Security Architecture, Information Security Operations, Database Management, Information Systems
Carter B.F. Casey, The MITRE Corporation
Johann K. Thairu, The MITRE Corporation
Susie Heilman, The MITRE Corporation
Susan E. Prince, The MITRE Corporation
Brett L. Pleasant, The MITRE Corporation
Marc I Schneider, The MITRE Corporation
Voters putting ballots in box in front of American flag
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Voter registration systems are critical and highly interconnected components of most states’ election infrastructures. This report is directed at technical members of state and local governments that maintain such systems. It recommends actionable security controls that can be applied to protect these systems. These controls apply to various components of voter registration systems, as well as existing connections to many external entities, including government organizations such as motor vehicle authorities and the Social Security Administration, and non-government third-party organizations. Securing and verifying the authenticity of data shared over these connections will be an important step toward protecting elections from outside influence.


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