Security Services Application Programming Interface (SS API) Developer's Security Guidance

January 2000
Amgad Fayad, The MITRE Corporation
Donald B. Faatz, The MITRE Corporation
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This document describes a specification of security services for distributed applications in the Defense Information Infrastructure (DII) Common Operating Environment (COE). Security services include identification and authentication, encryption, access control, and auditing. The security services are referred to as the COE security services Application Programming Interface (COE SS API). The COE SS API is part of a framework that is referred to as the Security Services Application Framework (SSAF). The SSAF framework is an adaptation of the Open Group Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA). The document includes a high-level description of the COE SS API, a formal Java-based specification, a mapping from the specification to the C and Java programming languages, and sample applications to demonstrate how the COE SS API can be used.


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