State of the Research in Human Language Technology: A Study of ACL and NAACL Publications from 2007 through 2014

March 2015
Topics: Probability and Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, Information Security Technologies, Pattern Recognition
Karine Megerdoomian, The MITRE Corporation
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The goal of this study is to identify state-of-the-art in human language technology (HLT) for the application areas of knowledge discovery, triage, language professional support and foundational technology, pinpointing potential research directions. We took a holistic view of the application areas to explore how the HLT community will progress in each area in the near future. We performed our analysis by examining conference publications for recent ACL (Association for Computational Linguistics) and NAACL (North American Association for Computational Linguistics) conferences, identifying terms and topics which reflect the state of HLT research.​ 


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