System-of-Systems Threat Model

November 2018
Topics: Next Generation Cyber Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Network Security
Deborah J. Bodeau, The MITRE Corporation
Catherine D. McCollum, The MITRE Corporation
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The cyber threat model technical reports for the NGCI Apex program explored the use of the general threat modeling framework for the financial services sector from an institution-centric view. The System-of-Systems Threat Model expands the perspective to a multi-institution or sector-level view, taking into consideration institutional links to partners, suppliers, and customers. This technical report describes system-of-systems environment and threat characteristics, identifies ways in which a system-of-systems threat scenario could be used, and demonstrates the potential utility of the general threat modeling framework by providing an initial system-of-systems scenario.

Note: This report is part of a larger suite of publications supporting the Next Generation Cyber Infrastructure Apex program.


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