Threat Assessment and Remediation Analysis (TARA)

October 2014
Topics: Cybersecurity, Computer Security, Information Security Risk Management, Information Security Technologies
Jackson E. Wynn, The MITRE Corporation
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Threat Assessment and Remediation Analysis (TARA) is an engineering methodology used to identify and assess cyber vulnerabilities and select countermeasures effective at mitigating those vulnerabilities. TARA is part of a MITRE portfolio of systems security engineering (SSE) practices that contribute to achievement of mission assurance (MA) for systems during the acquisition process. The TARA assessment approach can be described as conjoined trade studies, where the first trade identifies and ranks attack vectors based on assessed risk, and the second identifies and selects countermeasures based on assessed utility and cost. Unique aspects of the methodology include use of catalog-stored mitigation mappings that preselect plausible countermeasures for a given range of attack vectors, and use of countermeasure selection strategies that prescribe the application of countermeasures based on level of risk tolerance. This paper outlines the SSE-MA portfolio and describes the TARA methodology.​


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