WebAssembly: Current and Future Applications

August 2021
Topics: Computer System, Architectures (General)
Dave Bryson, The MITRE Corporation
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This report introduces WebAssembly (Wasm) technology, with a goal of educating potential users and motivating further exploration and use. To that end, it includes an introduction to Wasm and how it works. A survey of the current state of the art highlights a broad spectrum of Wasm capabilities, and its growing ecosystem of tools and support. It covers details of the Wasm security model and outlines important security considerations as well as recommendations for further research. Finally, the report provides several real-world examples of Wasm use in both client and server-side environments.

Overall, due to Wasm’s open nature, broad industry support and use, and growing ecosystem of tools and language support, we envision Wasm as playing an increasingly important role in a wide range of applications. Therefore, we highly recommend exploring its potential use as well as continued monitoring of developments in the technology.


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