Agile Connected Government

U.S. Capitol at night

We consider how a radical change to the ways an organization executes its mission will impact operations and the welfare and safety of our citizens. We scientifically appraise the potential ben­efits and risks, using an advanced "systems" approach to evaluate outcomes at the intersection of technology, policy, and behaviors. Researchers in this area develop cross-cutting foundational capabilities, quantitatively defensible models, and other enablers of efficient interaction among citizens, industry, and government.

Some ways in which we can help government agencies better serve their customers include:

  • Develop anticipatory customer services that reflect the technologies and processes that commercial entities use to engage their customers
  • Help government organizations create agile acquisition programs that allow them to better respond to emerging threats and opportunities

Build automated analytic tools that help agencies understand the impacts of new regulations, including interdependencies and unintended consequences.