Emerging Technology Innovation Center 

Emerging technologies spark innovations.

The Emerging Technology Innovation Center drives solution-focused innovation, research, and development for our sponsors' most critical challenges through the rapid identification, exploration, and maturation of emerging technologies.  

We channel the bottom-up idea generation of our scientists and engineers to conduct ground-breaking research based on the identified future needs of MITRE’s work programs. Our goal is to work in partnership across MITRE to drive the development of new applications based on emerging technologies. 

Capabilities include: 

  • Biotechnology and life sciences 
  • Emerging engineering and physical sciences 
  • Nanotechnology, computational imaging, and quantum information sciences 
  • Climate resilience and environmental sciences 
  • Power and energy systems 
Our Impact

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We operate six federally funded research and development centers—private, nonprofit organizations for the public interest.

Focus Areas

Independent Research

Experimentation is in our DNA.