Methods, systems and computer program products for communication auditory alert to aircraft

Systems, methods, and computer-program products for communicating auditory alerts about runway hazards to aircraft. A conflict on at least one arrival runway is identified using information received from an existing conflict detection system. An auditory alert associated with the conflict is generated and then modulated onto a carrier frequency. The carrier frequency may be a 75 MHz marker beacon carrier frequency, and further, the carrier frequency may be slightly offset from the 75 MHz marker beacon carrier frequency. The modulated alert is transmitted to an aircraft approaching the arrival runway through a directional antenna, which receives the transmitted auditory alert through a marker beacon receiver without requiring additional flight deck equipment. The transmitted alert does not interfere with transmissions from both an outer marker beacon associated with the arrival runway and marker beacons associated with adjacent runways due to transmitted power levels and antenna directivity. Also, with the transmitted carrier frequency shifted slightly from the marker beacon carrier frequency, the transmitted alert would not interfere with the inner or outer marker on the arrival runway.

Patent #: 7835827 Issue Date: November 16, 2010