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The interferenceVisualizer is an interactive tool that permits rapid evaluation of the benefits of using a dual-diversity antenna tower versus a no-diversity, or single, antenna tower for communicating with Unmanned Aircraft (UA) on the move at high elevations and long range. Two-ray propagation is a common problem over electromagnetically reflecting surfaces like lakes, rivers, and sea water. Since a no-diversity tower can lead to deep nulls from the two-ray channel, not using diversity may lead to a system that requires excessive over-design. A dual-diversity antenna tower on the other hand is a relatively low cost and technologically simple way to mitigate propagation nulls from a UA transmitting to a ground station. This software provides the designer of UA radios and tower systems with an interactive ability to adjust the design parameters including tower height, antenna spacing and other key design elements. The tool provides a graphical depiction of signal strength and interference patterns by distance from the antenna. This gives the designer an understanding of low cost alternatives that can lead to higher link availability. The interferenceVisualizer provides insight, early in the design phase, when changes are easier and test procedures are being developed.

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