Photo of Marin Halper

Marin Halper

Vice President, Cross-Cutting Priorities

Marin Halper is vice president, Cross-Cutting Priorities, connecting and applying the full scope of MITRE expertise, data, and applied research to critical challenges across government agencies, international allies, and industry partners. In this role, Halper ensures that initiatives and cross-cutting efforts within MITRE National Security, MITRE Public Sector, and MITRE Labs are positioned to deliver meaningful, actionable, and effective solutions founded on the company’s hallmark technical and subject matter excellence. His oversight in aligning the company’s direct-work program enables broader impact on whole-of-nation challenges.

An innovator, integrator, and systems thinker who fosters collaboration with industry and government, Halper was instrumental in creating a family of interrelated government programs and impactful partnerships. In addition, he has played an integral role in advancing MITRE capabilities in data, artificial intelligence, sensing, command and control, and other initiatives supporting the national security community.

As director of MITRE’s Cross-Cutting Urgent Innovation Cell, Halper combined analysis, prototyping, and experimentation to accelerate the identification and delivery of game-changing solutions addressing urgent national missions. In that role, he led MITRE’s Non-Traditional Data Employment for Competition priority area, catalyzing and cohering a whole-of-government approach to adapt and integrate non-traditional data with automation.

A technical leader in remote sensing and signal processing work for the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community, Halper previously led MITRE’s Integrated Sensing, Processing, and Exploitation (iSPE) R&D portfolio, as well as the development and operational fielding of novel automated processing capabilities designed to detect and identify materials of interest in near-real time using hyperspectral imagery. These processing capabilities—in particular, MITRE’s Probabilistic Identification of Solid Materials (PRISM) algorithm—have been broadly transitioned across the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, and industry partners, enabling an orders-of-magnitude impact in the accuracy, timeliness, and analyst burden associated with prosecuting hard targets.

Halper began his MITRE career as a nanosystems research intern while completing his bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics at Yale University. He also holds a master’s degree in applied and computational mathematics from Johns Hopkins University.